Amazing Spider-Man 001 (2014)

Gale Harold ShowTimeCon 2013


Les Poperables - Les Miserables as told through pop(ish) songs



Ben Miss. Steak

zoey hoganfulton is a fuckin' BABE


when ur old otp from ur old fandom comes back to hit u in the face like



Billy Tighe’s first ever I Believe


i feel like being in a musical goes in the following stages

  • listening to nothing but [musical] because you’re so excited to start
  • listening to nothing but [musical] to learn your part
  • listening to anything but [musical] bc it’s been too much of [musical]
  • listening to nothing but [musical] bc you can’t wait to open
  • listening to nothing but [musical] bc [musical] is over and you miss it
  • listening to anything but [musical] bc listening to it makes you sad




i’m all for boys wearing makeup mostly because if more of them got into it there’d be a bigger market and it wouldn’t cost $25 for an eyeshadow primer anymore

i can’t wait to go into the makeup aisle to get the latest man-color of guyshadow that comes in containers shaped like bullets and footballs

"Bruh I just went to sephora and got the sickest shade of eyeshadow"
"Sick dude what’s it called"
"Monster truck gas fumes"

"oh, someday, i may be normal enough to fit in”